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Sōltok offers Consulting and Strategic Planning, project-contract or retainer.

With well-targeted marketing messages and plans, companies see substantial gains in their focus, their differentiation, and their subsequent business growth. This is especially true within online media, as companies need to be aware of ‘what’s being said out there’. Sōltok is particularly skilled at messaging and marketing around Environmental Sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Global relationships.

"Your flexibility and professionalism [within this evolving project] confirmed that we made the correct decision to partner with you."
Tim Longwell of D.J. Case

And Project Management to maximize messaging, online media placements, press programs, events, and print advertising and collateral.

Having worked with many mid-market and Fortune companies, Sōltok embraces current, effective marketing tools—including online social media circles (where effective messaging, internet strategies and ROI all need to coalesce in an authentic and credible way).

“Suzanne's energy, creativeness, intelligence and experience shine through her work and achievements. I would not hesitate to hire her to plan and implement a smart, technology-informed marketing strategy.”
Shane Dennis , President , SpEd Forms Inc.

"…You are excellent at what you do, and I am so pleased to have you as a partner in this. Thank you again.”

Chris Heeter, President, The Wild Institute